06/2004 ‘Body communication – “I HATE YOU”, Northbrook College Durrington
Specializing in a video installation piece, with the videos interacting with each other.

05/2006 ‘Paper moon over a cardboard sea’, ‘captured moment’ The Lower Gardens In
Bournemouth Town Centre
Specializing in 4d dance sculptures

11/2006 ‘All’s Well that ends Mell’, Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Specializing in photography

06-07/2007 ‘Suggestive’, Arts Institute at Bournemouth & Old Truman Brewery, Brick Ln
Specializing in photography and projection. The work use metaphorical
representations of everyday choice and situations. Road signs for instance, almost subconsciously. Almost as if we’re being influenced beyond our control.

02/05/2009 – Brighton Festival – www.rottingdeandownsrtists.co.uk
Artist Open Houses www.aoh.org.uk
Threeways Outdoor Sculpture Show
Specializing in wire sculptures