Katrina James


I am currently working on range of digital mystical montages style work with the use of text with in my art work that give spiritual vibe and photography paintings. I also work with wire to design and crate 3D wire sculptures, normally mystical creatures or dancers.


My Zazzle Store
Life is a stage, shine in the spot light and lets see some jazz hands!! Welcome to my Magical RazzleDazzlethem store, I use Zazzle to put my creative mind in to action, making unique products. The core of my inspiration is mystical, spiritual, theatre, quotations and lyrics.

Also use Zazzle to put my creative mind in to action and make unique products. I get inspiration from mystical, spiritual, theatre, all sort of Quotes, song Lyrics and enjoy making my own quotations.

I am very familiar with using a large variety of different media. As well as being confident with different art practices, I’d consider myself to have a wide knowledge of all areas of art. Always widening my skills and knowledge in all areas since leaving university as Fine Art mix media graduate by assisting a number of artists, all using differing medias, predominantly 3D sculpture. I am very motivated and enthusiastic about my work with good organisation skills and am able to meet tight deadlines. I have needed to combine my people skills with my enthusiasm and use my artistic ability with my initiative to be trusted in dealing with the task at hand, whilst working as part of a team in a number of given situations. I am methodical in the way in which I work, whatever the work may entail, and I take pride in doing any job to the best of my ability. I am a fast, willing learner and am very keen to learn new skills in all areas for my job and that would enable me to develop my career.


  • Fine Art Mix Media